Why does my Palm Tree turn Yellow?

Yellow leave

Healthy trees (Palm) are very much beautiful & also can readily make you genuinely think of the paradise island. We are willing to keep those healthy as much as possible to make our surroundings more beautiful.

But, if the palm tree looked unwell & seemed suddenly just like this is dying, it has to indicate that something was going wrong with that tree. If the palm tree leaves are becoming yellow, what should you do actually?

If you are searching for something to remind you about paradise, you will probably want to take proper care of the flourishing palm trees. Some tropical things about them improve your mood instantly while you see them. At this same time, the main last thing you want is for these particular tropical trees to become the actual source of stress for you.

The lowdown on the palm trees with these yellow leaves

While we hear this word evergreen, automatically, we think of these prickly plants, the shining green amid the sea of snow. But get this- the palm trees are also evergreen. It means their fronds /leaves should also keep a green glow throughout the year.

Often these yellow palm leaves appear but also not always the main reason for concern. Let’s check the details about this:

What you need to know about these palm trees with the yellow leaves

Palm trees should also remain glowing green throughout the year because this is evergreen. While you see these yellow palm leaves at the tree, this is also likely the point of central concern.

Why do the leaves turn yellow?

As these palm trees mature, some of these old fronds also become yellow & fall off. However, if you notice that the large part of a palm tree actually remains greener & naturally falls off the central yellow leaves, you do not have to worry about this.

Alternatively, the fungus\pest also could be causing the leaves of the palm trees too much yellow. Also, depending on the leading cause, the infestation can easily be very tricky to remove.

The palm (queen) leaves turns yellow. Why?

Also, these Palms (queens) are very much vulnerable to health problems talked about previously. However, these palm trees also do well in the rich moisture soil structured with a lot of nutrients so that you quickly can start caring for those through fertilizing a specific ground to fill the nutritional gap, whatever there is.

But, if these yellow leaves last for long, this is also something which you should identify right away! In some examples, palm trees also turn yellow if there are insufficient nutrients like magnesium/nitrogen in the soil where this is planted. These specific nutrients are responsible for keeping the palm tree greener & thriving appropriately.

Also, the fungus/pest may be causing the actual yellowing of the leaves of the palm trees. Whatever the actual case, this is also challenging for treating the infestation.

If you have these palms in the landscape of you, here are some essential tips to keep them healthier:

  • Never utilize the fertilizer (turf) within just fifty feet of some palm. These palms are better off without fertilizer than receiving turf fertilizer. If you utilize this fertilizer on these palms, you could also kill them. This fertilizer can also induce potassium insufficiency because nitrogen is released slowly, but this potassium is also not.

Trendy growth will also show boron & manganese, whereas this older growth will also show magnesium/potassium deficiencies. These potassium deficiencies are also very much common & an initial signal is a yellow spot (translucent) which is evident while this frond is backlit by the sun. The severe potassium deficiency also manifests as brown leaf tips on older fronds. The best Plant Health Care services also help you maintain the tree’s proper health.

Why do the leaves of my majesty plant become yellow?

The pal (majesty) fares a lot better while basking in the intermittent sunlight! The leaves burn as they get direct sun exposure for a long period. When this palm (majesty) can adapt to somewhat lower light locations, the plant growth will also slow. If an area is very dark, the development will also stop & the leaves start to become yellow & abort since not enough light sustains the photosynthesis.


Delivering the appropriate & consistent moisture to soil is essential in caring for the palm (majesty). But, on the other hand, maintaining moist soil is a delicate balance.

Here you can get some essential things, which you should consider:

  • Proper light level

In the total sun exposure, the soil must remain moist evenly to keep the leaves more green. In the low light & dry air of the home/office, the palm (majesty) is also at a disadvantage.

  • Humidity level

Low humidity & dry soil also remain moist to keep the leaves greener. Unfortunately, in this low light & dry air of the office/home, the majesty palm is always at a disadvantage.

  • Watering consistency

Alternating between wet soil & bone dry soil because the frond leaflets brown on the edges of these, later followed by the complete yellowing. Also, misting those leaves/fronds sometimes can enhance the actual humidity.

What should you do with the yellow leaves on the palm tree?

We also have listed the complete guide to help you diagnose the actual health of the palm tree & treat the yellow color of this. The best Plant Health Care services can also deliver you tips to keep your tree healthy.

  • Performing the soil test is an effective method to determine any lacking essential nutrients in that palm tree. These are the actual stores where you can quickly get the soil test kit & do this yourself. Palm trees require a lot of care.
  • The missing nutrients should be released with fertilisers that are not present in the soil of the plants.
  • Also, routine trimming can assist in keeping the tree healthier.
  • Keep an appropriate fertilization schedule to ensure the tree thrives continuously. It would help if you fertilized the tree properly 3 or 4 times per year.
  • If this soil is not the actual problem, check for the pest/ fungi signals. In some specific cases, this fungus known as Ganoderma root is also responsible for withering & droopy leaves. Also, there is a significant possibility of the pest if some sticky film is actually on the fronds.


To maintain proper health for your palm tree, you have to provide the appropriate care to your tree. Because a green look will boost your mind too, this is essential to maintain the proper health of the tree.

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