Trekking in Kashmir (Explore Paradise on Foot)

Trekking in Kashmir

Kashmir is known as the Paradise of India. For its immense beauty, one poet has rightly said, ‘if there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here.’ Located on the Jhelum River and has two capitals, Jammu in winter and Srinagar in Summer. It is surrounded by mountains, sloppy peaks, and chill springs. The beauty of the place captivates the tourists. Gulmarg is one of the famous tourist attractions of Kashmir and is called the life of Kashmir. The natural beauty of this region makes it one of the most popular destinations.

At Cliffhangers, we believe that trekking in Kashmir is on of the most rewarding experiences possible.

Why Trek in Kashmir?

Kashmir has astounding natural beauty and it can be experienced in its rawest form while trekking. The land has an old-school charm so pretty that your mind will be immersed in the beautiful world of poetry. You can enjoy the sharp, clean air of the Himalayas, explore different kinds of landscapes, and look at interesting flora and fauna during your trek.

Kashmir is the best option for thrill enthusiasts who want an adventurous outing. No mater when you go, the environment is great and the people are welcoming. Summer is pleasant and the treks are easy to navigate. Winters are cold and beautiful, ideal for the more adventurous trekker looking for a unique experience.

You can witness the diversity of the land. There are picture-perfect meadows, majestic views, secret paths, old shrines and buildings, and so many things to explore! Moreover, it’s the best place to express your adventurous self. One must experience life in heaven on earth by trekking the lakes and mountains of Kashmir.

And when you book with Cliffhangers, you don’t need to worry about getting lost. Our trekking packages include experts and guides that will ensure you have the safest experience possible.

Which Is The Best Time To Trek In Kashmir?

Kashmir has a different trekking timetable than the other Himalayan states in India. July to October is considered the best time for trekking in Kashmir. It covers two seasons: summer and autumn and sometimes winter too. One can also trek in April.

Kashmir doesn’t receive heavy rainfall. Therefore July – September is the best time to trek. Rainfall does occur but those are light showers that don’t interrupt the treks.

In the monsoon season, trekkers can go for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Tarsar & Marsar Lakes Trek, and Gadsar Lake Trek while in winters, they can go for Gangabal Lake Trek and Naranag Trek.

4 Best Routes to Explore

  • Pahalgam – Tarsar Marsar Trek The trek starts from Srinagar and ends in Pahalgam. Through this trek, one can experience the majestic landscapes in Aru Valley along the riverbanks of Lidder. You must explore the twin lakes of Tarsar Marsar and Mount Kolahoi as it leaves you spellbound. Camping by the lakeside of Tarsar can give you a great experience of trekking. The waters rejuvenate your soul, mind, and body. This trek is eight days long.
  • Kashmir Great Lakes – The Great Lakes of Kashmir trek is a must-do for adventure seekers. It also enables you to get far away from civilization. You will trek into the mesmerizing and wild meadows of Kashmir. You can also explore some of the most beautiful lakes in the region. These mountains are lakes and blue and clean and situated at an altitude of 11,500 feet. For nature lovers, this can be the best trek as the lakes are surrounded by pine forests, snowy mountain peaks, and fields of wildflowers. One needs seven to nine days to trek through the lakes.
  • Chadar trek – One of the best-known treks is the Chadar trek as it enables the trekkers to experience the frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh. You’ll trek on the river covered with icy sheets. The route lets you witness the soaring walls of the river valley. This trek might not be technically challenging however the extreme cold and the altitude make this a difficult trek. You’ll witness the towering ice waterfalls and frozen bubbles and enjoy the incredible hot butter tea in Tibb cave.
  • Gulmarg Trekking – One of the excellent treks in the North Pir Panjal Range and offers a viewpoint of Nanga Parbat. If you trek through the west, then it leads to Khilanmarg while the south takes you to the Ferozepur Nala. If you want to go beyond, then it takes you to Danwas, Tejjan, and Samaidan, and continuing towards the South can lead you to Sunset Peak.

The Average Price of Trekking In Kashmir

A walk among the mountains, lakes, and vast fields of flowers would give you an enchanting experience and also an idea of why Kashmir is best known for trekking. The place provides numerous adventurous opportunities which will leave you spellbound.

When it comes to the average price of trekking, it depends on the trek you choose and the facilities that you want to avail yourself of through your trekking. Moreover, it also depends on the duration of the trek. Few treks are moderate and few are hard, so the price goes up sometimes. However, the average price is 20k-25k.

If you want the best deals, we recommend visiting Cliffhangers to explore packages for trekking in Kashmir. We’re very familiar with this region and know how to ensure you have the best possible experience.

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