How to style your Natural Wavy hair to make it look thicker?

Most of us have Natural wavy hair with flats roots and fine hair, which is one of the biggest struggles in the beauty routine. Unfortunately, no matter what treatments or supplements your take, fine hair will forever be fine. But this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to a boring hairstyle. But there are many tricks and hacks to make your hairstyle look like you are the most blessed woman in the world in terms of volume and thickness. Hairstyles for ladies with fine hair are very easy; they need some simple tricks.

1. The washing products

This may not be a styling tip itself, but it can be volume-saving. Go for a hair thickening shampoo and conditioner. This way, you are adding texture wet and wavy hair, and it will be much easier to style. Another pro tip is to apply conditioner before washing to make sure that your cuticle is well-hydrated before washing.

Another thing that may help the texture of your hair is to do regular deep conditioning. Many women are afraid of this because they think that this may drag the hair down. But the truth is that deep conditioning adds hydration and texture to your hair. But the trick here is to do this regularly so that your hair gets its nutrients regularly. A one-time treatment will leave your wavy hair thick and luscious for just a few days.

2. The perfect trim

Even though we all look at our desired hairstyle, the truth is that fine hair has to go under the scissors of a professional to get the proper volume and texture. Layered hairstyles are an amazing choice for fine haired-ladies because it will give the desired look without having to add any product. Depending on the hair texture and length of your wavy hair, the stylist will choose the best cut that will give you the best trim ever.

3. Volume booster

Many products can enhance hairstyles for ladies with fine hair. Hair foams are an excellent product that will give a thicker texture. Apply it on the wet hair and then blow-dry your hair just as usual. Volume powders are an amazing product that can give you a quick fix as long as your hair is dry. A small amount will give you a great volume and texture that will last for the whole day.

Another tip from the professional salons says to apply dry shampoo on your roots right after you have dried your hair. This hack may seem odd at first, given that we usually apply dry shampoo only when the hair is dirty, but it helps the natural wavy hair have a great volume, making your hair look thicker.

4. Sleep in with an updo

This old school, the heat-less hair hacks, will give you natural hair an amazing texture without using any product. Wash your hair in the evening and then towel dry it. Clip your hair in a very simple and comfortable updo and then go to bed. In the morning, your wavy hair will be dry a very voluminous.

This hack is perfect for the ladies that don’t want to spend much time or money giving their hair a nice and luxurious volume. During this slow styling process, you can also add fish braids or any other styles that will give you gorgeous beach waves or a full natural wavy hair look.

5. Tease those roots

This hack is also one that was used by our mothers and grandmothers. The teasing technique requires just a fine-tooth comb and some hairspray. Tease the roots of your hair and then fix the volume with some hairspray. To have a polished and glamorous look, make sure that you smooth your hair after teasing and that the roots are not showing.

6. Root powders

Root powders are designed to color your scalp, making your hair look fuller and thicker. It may seem like a last-resort type of technique, but many women ended up doing it regularly after trying it. The concept is that if your roots seem thicker and your scalp less visible, then your whole hairstyle will look like it has much more volume. These powders come in many colors, and they are suitable for any hair color.

Having naturally wavy hair with flat roots doesn’t have to be a pain anymore. There are countless ways that can be done, achieving volume and texture to your hairstyle, whether or not you are willing to invest in products or salon appointments. The hacks presented are some of the most tested and recommended in the beauty world, and they will give you a quick or a more permanent fix, giving your hairstyle the desired volume and thickness.



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