Follow these Smart Web Design Tips to Grow your Business Faster

The eCommerce industry around the world is indeed growing exponentially year after year, but it is also true that most eCommerce websites fail than they succeed. The competition is ruthless when it comes to e-commerce and hence, business owners around the way are always looking for ways to get competitive leverage over their counterparts. Here’s where a good website design & development can come to the rescue of the business owners. It is way more important than what it is given credit for and is of crucial significance for the survival, sustenance, and expansion of eCommerce businesses.

5 web design tips to grow your business faster

There are a lot of benefits of a good website design for a business and there are a lot of adverse effects of having a poor website design. Hence, for the benefit of all our readers, this piece has been put together to enlist 5 different website design tips that can help any business owner in growing their business faster. Let’s get started.

Optimize loading speed –

The internet users of today are marked by rapidly declining attention spans and very little patience. Hence, if you have a website design that takes too long to load, it isn’t going to augur well for your business. You should try to optimize the loading speed of your website and keep it less than 3 seconds and anything above 4 seconds will see you have a very high bounce rate.

Remarketing ads for existing customers –

Since it is cheaper to sell to existing customers than to sell to new customers, you should focus your efforts on getting the maximum amount of repeat business. You can do so with the help of remarketing ads and email campaigns. The people receiving the remarketing ads will have a higher inclination of being receptive to your message, as they have purchased from you in the past.

Mobile-friendly –

Since more people are inclined to access the Internet from their smartphones than their desktops, it is the need of the hour for you to have a mobile-responsive website design if you don’t have one already! Responsiveness means that the website will easily adjust to the size and shape of the screen on which it appears. It also means that it would offer the same seamless, easily navigable, and intuitive experience on all kinds of devices.

Typography –

Font can be a great way to compel the visitors into reacting favorably to the messages and CTA’s on your website. It is the need of the hour to evolve with the changing times and ditch the old and basic fonts for the new and trendy ones. You need to use fonts that can grab the attention of internet users and retain them.

Provide social proof –

Social proof in the form of customer testimonials and reviews has a lot of impact in compelling the users to make a final purchase. It instills a semblance of confidence in the products that you are selling as they seem more credible through reviews and testimonials. You should allow for all kinds of testimonials and reviews on your website design and place them in spots where they are likely to get a lot of visibility.

Wrapping Up

Good website design is very important for the success of any business in today’s day and age. The aforementioned tips can come to the rescue of most businesses in growing their business and achieving their goals. You can have these tips implemented by your team or outsource them to a custom web design and development company that provides custom website design services that suit your requirements.

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