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The first visual that comes to our mind when talking about the 21st Century language labs is a room full of computers. The language learning labs are computer rooms, which are configured with language stations for each learner, and something beyond the computer rooms of primary schools. These types of learning labs are related to primary and secondary schools, or computer training centers can seek advantage from them. It is eventually a dedicated area for acquiring skills of a foreign language, where learners are facilitated with both audio or audio-visual materials.

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In the present job searching market, language skills are high in demand, and higher education cannot deny the real fact. It should abide by the reality to prepare future professionals with possible assurance to face the globalized world, both in terms of person and work. Several training centers in Dubai already providing e-learning language teaching as it is related to a high-quality curriculum and honor. Therefore, language labs are considered as one of the most demanding training centers offering unique methods to learn foreign languages.

However, it is the next step in the right direction, they are taking even more steps to make the training courses more attractive to learners. A language lab or networked classroom can be that effective step.

Advantages of 21st Century Language Labs

The importance of offering training centers in Dubai of foreign languages through a language lab is multiple. Here is the list of some key benefits of language labs, which are as follows-

It facilitates learners the ability to independently study in an adequate and favorable environment, where they are provided with all necessary tools and materials both audio or audio-visual needed to learn.
The learners are taught their responsibility. In a language lab, learners are responsible for their own studies, even they have a guide to monitor them and help them whenever required.
The learners are facilitated with interactive exercises that help them to stay self-motivated, even those who are not interested to learn foreign languages.
The shared physical space can also be used by learners to exercise in groups or pairs to practice their vocabulary.

Features of Networked Classrooms

It guides learners to prepare themselves for entering the global world after completing secondary education. As the e-learning options are the perfect solution for learning natural and progressive languages. Therefore, networked classrooms or learning labs are comprised of-

Language Immersion

The networked classrooms offer extensive language options by utilizing the stations available in the classroom. These language learning courses are available in eight languages – English (USA/ UK), Spanish, French, German, Brazilian, Italian, and Portuguese. The helping guides have also been translated into the native language of learners for their better understanding.

Course Levels

It is based on a teaching-by-doing step that abides the structure of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). To offer the maximum skills at each level, the contents have been organized optimally.

Detail Objectives

The training courses are based on the primary needs of learners. Some courses mainly focus on improving communication skills and help learners to prepare for certification exams.

Monitor Tools

A learner can seek changes in the language learning techniques, as with the help of monitoring tools they can view the course progress. The instructor can also follow the course progress and schedule support exercises for the group of learners as and when required.

Limitless Local Access

It is easy to install networked classes as they work on a local area network, which does not ask for internet connectivity. Besides, you can even program connectivity to update the necessary content.

To seek more and updated information on foreign learning labs or networked classes you must visit your nearby training centers in Dubai.

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